About The ECO Edge

The ECO Edge was founded by parents and long time entrepreneurs who were out to make a difference! Stumbling into an idea which would employ those with special needs, Bill & Henrietta Raap plugged the pieces of the puzzle together and assembled one useful & valuable product which they called X-TRECO. The packaging would be done by those with special needs – which is how the whole idea came about – and communities across Canada would largely benefit by using X-TRECO, the eco-friendly cleaning alternative.

Bill & Henrietta Raap were both born in Manitoba, Canada. Henrietta grew up with a special needs sibling and knows the sense of accomplishment that is shared when special needs can assist in any way. Hard work and assisting those less fortunate were two attributes they grew up learning and always kept them in mind.

Together, they raised 6 children in Winnipeg, Manitoba, an undertaking they immensely enjoyed and continue to treasure. With grandchildren constantly crawling and nabbing items off the table or floors, Bill & Henrietta refuse to use chemicals to clean…X-TRECO does it all!

They also just recently introduced a new product, ECO Edge Fruit Snacks. A long time favourite of the family, Bill & Henrietta found a way to more rapidly share these fruit snacks with all Canadians from coast to coast.

"The youth of our society today depend on us to make the right decisions", explains Bill, "whether this means introducing an environmental cleaning cloth or healthy fruit snacks. Both products share our vision and we are excited everytime we can partner with individuals and organizations alike. There are just so many benefits!"

Bill and Henrietta Raap are assisting our nation in moving in the right direction one step at a time! Join them today, you will be happy you did!