Fundraising FAQ

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The ECO Edge

Once I order, how long will it take for for my product to arrive?

All orders are dispatched within 48 business hours of receipt. For more information click here.

Further questions? Contact us.


Who uses X-TRECO?

  • Schools across Canada & the USA for fundraising and in-house cleaning
  • Sports Teams across Canada & the USA for fundraising
  • Church organizations for fundraising and in-house cleaning
  • School Districts - by custodians and teachers
  • Jewelry Stores - clean glass cabinets
  • Mechanic, Auto Body Shops & Heavy Industrial Work Environments
  • Food Processing Plants & much more!

How much is X-TRECO for Fundraising?

For fundraising a minimum order of 100 X-TRECO is required. Please phone for lower quantities. When you order 100+ X-TRECO @ $2.50 each you will receive FREE insert personalization. You sell each package for $5.00 and make 50% or more profit with our X-TREME Offer (see profits page)! Shipping/handling and GST/HST are extra. You don't pay till 30 days after you receive your order! To place your X-TRECO fundraising order, click here.

Can I place extra characters on my X-TRECO insert?

Sure! We can always make room for a few more letters; however, the text in the box will be a bit smaller. If our online ordering system is rejecting your extra characters, use the additional information / comments box to enter in any extra text you would like printed on your X-TRECO insert.

Why use X-TRECO or cleaning within your school or organization?

  • You have the opportunity to set an example for the rest of society and show that you are concerned about the enviornment by reducing the use of chemicals and paper towels.
  • Maintaining a toxic free environment will enhance learning and cohesive


Online Fundraising Campaign

Do orders placed through our campaign ship to each orderee?

At this present time, The ECO Edge has supplied the online fundraising campaign as a local order collecting tool. All orders made through your campaign will be shipped to one desired destination as specified in your account. If orders from outside of your local region are placed through your campaign, it is the responsibility of the orderee to collect the product or for your fundraising team to ship the goods to final destination.

What is the capacity of the Online Fundraising Campaign?

The current capacity of the online campaign feature is order taking only. Payment will still need to be collected by your fundraising team once your final order has been received. The online campaign was created to alleviate client order collecting, which includes and is not limited to taking calls, emails, writing down orderee information and entering this into a self-made database. The online campaign therefore reduces errors and time spent conducting an ECO Edge fundraiser.