The ECO Edge: Offering a Motivating Fundraising Experience

Who is Involved?

Your fundraising environment consists of the fundraising committee, volunteers, internal and external communities. Working with such a large group of people involves organization on the part of the fundraising committee, dedication and commitment from the volunteers and the willingness and support of the internal & external communities.

The SELLERS: Fundraising Committee and Volunteers

We all know that people tend to do more when incentives are involved. That is why The ECO Edge offers high profits (50-60%) on their products so that you could afford to take a small percentage and offer rewards to those who exceed selling goals. Here are just a few tips on creating incentives for your group of fundraising participants.

As an incentive, offer one or more prizes to your participants. Each ECO Edge product sold may count as an entry into a separate random drawing for a prize, or you can award prizes directly to those who sold the most products.

  • Gauge the age of the volunteers and purchase the appropriate gift. For a younger crowd of volunteers often small trinkets or gifts work well. For teenagers and adults often gift cards work well.

In addition to individual prizes, competition among teams can drive sales as organized groups of volunteers strive to outdo each other. Individuals who don’t see value in their singular effort can be highly inspired when asked to work as part of a team.

  • Group gifts can include movie tickets to the local theatre (again age appropriate movie selection) or a few rounds of bowling @ the local alley. Both of these experiences encourage bonding, group synergy and growth in your community.
The BUYERS: Internal & External Communities

Internal is defined as those inside and directly involved with your program. External is those that are linked indirectly through association. Both your internal and external communities are great avenues to reach to attain your fundraising goals!


As a fundraising group you may run several fundraisers a year. Those directly involved in your community have seen many of the same fundraisers and feel it’s time for a new approach. That is why we exist as ECO Edge products offer something unique, useful and valuable for the end user. Although this applies to both your internal and external communities, the internal is always affected the most. What are some unique ways of approaching and selling your internal community on ECO Edge products?

  1. PAC or School Council meeting
  2. Sending product home with students
  3. Halloween Fair / Christmas Shop
  4. Sports tournament
  5. Theatre production
  6. and there are many more...

Committee members and other volunteers can sell a lot of ECO Edge product to their personal networks. The personal touch is often the best way to sell!

If your area permits, extend your sale outside of the school and sell directly to coworkers, friends, and family. If you believe, they will likely follow suit.

IN THE END: ECO Edge Product Appreciation

The products that The ECO Edge offer are already being used by parents across Canada however in different forms; some bad for our environment and ourselves while others simply too expensive or not meeting standards. Why would your community choose our products over the rest? Click here...


Stay positive and motivated. You are inviting people to invest in quality products and support a fundraiser that involves them as a community member. You are investing in a mission that improves the quality of your communities experience and the good that comes out of it. Trust us, in the end you will do an ECO Edge fundraiser again!