Our last fundraiser with the X-TRECO cloths officially turned "Chase citizens" into believers. I've had so many calls at the school from individuals wanting more cloths. One lady in our community won't use anything else."

, Chase Secondary School
     You were so right, these cloths are starting to sell like hotcakes! I'd like to order 200 more X-TRECO. The sooner we get the them the better. If we could order them to come to you, as the school will be closed, I'll pick them up from you or your office over the March break (next week!). Thanks again, soooo much for your help!!!"
Michelle K.
Grade 5/6 Teacher
Guelph, ON.
     Our X-TRECO fundraiser went awesome!! We sold the cloths within 1 week, and we are thinking about getting some more...we'll let you know. Also, thanks for getting them to us so quickly!"
Angelika M.
PAC Member
Chase, BC
     My son's school is selling X-TRECO as a fundraiser and they are amazing! You just use warm water on them and they are incredible on windows/mirrors and stainless steel appliances. The funds raised are going towards a playground for the school. X-TRECO has already raised over $3000. "
Lori M.
PAC Member
Oakville, Ontario
     We are a repeat customer and love selling X-TRECO. It is not a tough sell when we believe in the product!"
Rhonda B.
Parent Volunteer
Fort McMurray, AB
     X-TRECO really does sell itself!"
Myrna E.
PAC Member
Central Butte, Saskatchewan
     The X-TRECO cloths are all gone! We had 80 extra to start and we are already needing more. Please send us another order of 200 X-TRECO (plus 10 free). I anticipate having no trouble selling these and we will hopefully need more in the near future!"
Mark W.
Director of Events
St. Johns, Newfoundland
     All my friends love X-TRECO and as a fundraiser they are wonderful. Can I order another 200? Thank you!"
Joan G.
Tofino, British Columbia
     Thank you for the change of invoice. I never thought that when coming time to pay the bill would be paid by the PAC (that is how fast they sold)! We would like to order another 100 X-TRECO. They are selling really quickly. I've had people buy one because it's a fundraiser and come back and say, "WOW, they really work, can I have 4 more?" I will be ordering more after these 100 again at the end of August."
Cindy G.
PAC Member
Lac La Hache, British Columbia
     Thank you so much! My school team is overjoyed to have won 100 free X-TRECO! We plan to sell them to support our campaign to install solar panels on our school roof."
Alanna H.
Student Leader
Swift Current, Saskatchewan