Make Change a Habit!

2012-03-16 | Earth Day Canada Newsletter | The ECO Edge

Once we read the below newsletter from Earth Day Canada we knew it was something that we had to share with all ECO Edge enthusiasts. Take your time and enjoy this colorful spring release!

Earth Day Canada

Join us this spring and make change a habit!

For Earth Day® 2012, Earth Day Canada is issuing action-based challenges urging all Canadians (kids, classrooms, groups, businesses, individuals and families) to make positive changes to their daily habits!

For youth, adults and families

Lifestyle choices are typically based on convenience, complacency and habit, but they come with a price. Earth Day Canada’s Take It Up for Earth Day campaign can help you make better decisions about what food and drink you consume and resources you use.Take It Up for Earth Day! Logo

The following four actions will help improve
your health and the health of the environment

  • Get outside and move
  • Drink more tap water
  • Cook and eat more plant-based foods
  • Detox your personal care routine.


For kids, classrooms and schools

We haven’t forgotten about the kids! Through the kid-friendly campaign, Act for the Planet, Earth Day Canada’s EcoKids program is offering kids a chance to get involved on their own terms.

Kids will have all month long to do something good for the planet (and remind their parents to do their part too!)

Act for the Planet! LogoActions include

  • Creating window decals to prevent bird crashes
  • Making planters to clean inside air
  • Bringing their own water bottle
  • Making something new out of something old.



Feel ready?

Visit, register your commitment(s) and

  • Learn about the environmental benefits of each action
  • Get step-by-step guides that kids, teachers/group leaders can use
  • Access individual and group tips and activities to help achieve your commitments
  • Join conversations on our social media channels
  • Get chances to win great prizes and rewards.

Join us this spring and make change a habit! For more information, please contact[email protected].

For more information please visit