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When fundraising with X-TRECO you only pay $2.50 per X-TRECO and sell each for $5! That is 50% profit plus we have our X-TREME Offer, which boosts your profits and assists you in raising the funds you need. See below and download the X-TRECO fundraising profit chart to the left for a more detailed explanation.

# of Fundraising Participants

Total # of X-TRECO Ordered & Sold

Total Cost (including shipping)**
Total Earned
25 100 (min.) 0 $265 $500 $235
30 120 0 $300 $600 $300
40 160 0 $418 $800 $382
50 200 10 $520 $1050 $530
60 240 10 $622.50 $1250 $627.50
80 320 10 $826.50 $1650 $823.50
100 400 20 $1031 $2100 $1069
150 600 30 $1541.50 $3150 $1608.50
200 800 40 $2052 $4200 $2148
250 1000 40 $2562 $5200 $2638
300 1200 40 $3072 $6200 $3128
350 1400 40 $3582 $7200 $3618
400 1600 40 $4092 $8200 $4108

Guess what? Working with the numbers above, each participant only has to sell 4 X-TRECO! If you have more than 400 participants, you know the sky is the limit! It’s been done many times by schools, clubs, church groups, daycares, sports teams and more organizations across North America and you can also do it TODAY! Set your own fundraising goals, whether they are less than suggested or more, in the end you will be glad you took on an X-TRECO fundraiser!


Follow our exciting and rewarding fundraising program and express yourself in your community! As you can see in the above table, order more X-TRECO and see the rewards!

(100% Profit!)
200-399 10 FREE X-TRECO $50
400-599 20 FREE X-TRECO $100
600-799 30 FREE X-TRECO $150
800+ 40 FREE X-TRECO $200

With these specials readily available, you will earn top fundraising profits! If you prefer, you can also divide these earnings up between the top sellers as cash prize incentives. We'll leave this part up to you!

** Applicable regional taxes will apply.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT PAY till 30 days after you receive your fundraising product!

X-TRECO Profit Calculator

Want to calculate your own fundraising profits? Use the X-TRECO Profit Calculator below!

By # of Participants

By # of X-TRECO Orderd

*does not include applicable regional taxes  

So people want more, does that mean we can do YEAR-ROUND FUNDRAISING?

Yes. We have found that for every two X-TRECO sales initially made by the fundraising team at least one more sale will come in. Hence it will give you additional profits! This of course is optional. You could do this fundraiser once every year (to replenish the high demand) or have this fundraiser continue throughout a span of time.

The ECO Edge will also personalize each X-TRECO package by printing your fundraising groups' name at the top of the insert, and your fundraising groups' contact information at the bottom of the insert (see X-TRECO Insert sample). Therefore, any potential additional new orders that come in from your initial sales will be made through your fundraising group, thus creating additional profits.