X-TRECO Fundraising Resources

To download forms or photos, please click on the links below:

Order Forms

  • The ECO Edge Fundraising Order Options (PDF)
    How do you like to fundraise? That is a question we asked when designing our fundraising order options so that you can do it your way! Click on the above .PDF link to learn more about your current order options. No matter which direction you go we will be behind you 100%!
  • The ECO Edge Order Collection Form (PDF)
    You are looking to fundraise with 2 great products at once, that being X-TRECO and  ECO Edge Fruit Snacks . Use this informative order form to pre-sell both products...nothing like being efficient and earning great profits at the same time!
  • X-TRECO Pre-Sell Order Form (PDF)
    • Simply collect X-TRECO fundraising orders with this attractive ad that can be placed in your newsletter, emailed to parents and members or simply send it home with the fundraising participants.
    • Once all the orders are collected, simply create an online fundraising account here or if you have already created an account click here.
    • If you prefer to have us set up your online account and have pre-sold or know how many X-TRECO you would like to order, use this order form and send it to us via email (info@theecoedge.com) or fax (204) 224-5877.
  • X-TRECO Order Collection Form (PDF)
    If you would like to pre-sell X-TRECO by having members collect orders first use this order form.

Fundraising Support Material

Download and print these documents today to find out more about fundraising with The ECO Edge and X-TRECO.

  • Fundraising with The ECO Edge (PDF)
    The ECO Edge is your #1 source for fundraising today for a better tomorrow! Learn more about why fundraising with The ECO Edge is so rewarding and how it will offer you an experience that is benefitial in every way.
  • Fundraising Information Handout (PDF)
    Want to know more about fundraising with X-TRECO? Print off this informative document that shares why you need to use the X-TRECO for fundraising and a few different ways that you can utilize these amazing cloths.

  • X-TRECO Fundraising Support Manual (PDF)
    Want to know more about X-TRECO and how to use it for fundraising? Print off this informative document that shares why you need to use X-TRECO for fundraising and streak free cleaning TODAY!
  • "Propose X-TRECO for Fundraising" Form (PDF)
    You really love the X-TRECO and would like a school, daycare, or fundraising organization within your community to use it for fundraising. Download and fill out this request form and hand (or scan and email) it to the fundraising organizer to encourage them to fundraise with the X-TRECO today! Bonus: Includes Promo Code
  • X-TRECO Profit Chart (PDF)
    Always wonder how much money you will actually earn fundraising before you fundraise? Wonder no longer! Download the X-TRECO Profit Projection Chart and you will be one step ahead... with no regrets down the road!
  • Fundraising Campaign How To Quick Guide (PDF)
    Want to know more about how to create an online X-TRECO fundraising campaign with The ECO Edge? Print off this informative document.
  • X-TRECO Interest Ad (PDF)
    You have used X-TRECO, you are thrilled at how well it works and you are looking for ways to motivate parents or members of the community using X-TRECO and getting rid of chemical cleaners. The best way to do exactly that is by sharing this ad which is all about why parents will want to use X-TRECO. There is also space available to add your personalized testimonial expressing how much you love X-TRECO and why you would recommend it for any and everyone! 


  • The ECO Edge & X-TRECO Video (CLICK HERE)
    To learn more about The ECO Edge vision, what X-TRECO can do for you and how you can make a difference in your community TODAY for a better tomorrow.


  • Photo of our X-TRECO Package (JPG)
    To see what our package looks like; to print, email to show to others or to add to your newsletters.

Desktop Backgrounds

  • X-TRECO 1 (JPG)
  • X-TRECO 2 (JPG)
  • X-TRECO 3 (JPG)
  • X-TRECO 4 (JPG)