What makes the X-TRECO so great? 

Use Wet or Dry
It is Hypoallergenic
Environmentally Safe
  - Contains no chemical additives
- ELIMINATES the use of cleaning chemicals!
- ELIMINATES the use of paper towels (saves trees)!
- Leaves your kids & pets living in chemical free home
- Just add Hot Water, Wring and Wipe!
Cost Effective
  - Save when purchasing X-TRECO
- ELIMINATES the cost of cleaning chemicals!
- ELIMINATES the cost of paper towels!
NO STREAKS on Glass, Mirrors or Windows
X-TRECO leaving streaks? Throw it in the wash and use over and over again.

Who can use X-TRECO? 

Schools across Canada & the USA for fundraising and in-house cleaning
Sports Teams across Canada & the USA for fundraising
Church organizations for fundraising and in-house cleaning
School Districts
  - for custodians > to clean schools (bathrooms, glass, mirrors, lockers, etc.)
- for teachers > in classrooms on white boards, in science labs (stainless steel taps, sinks, countertops)
Jewelry stores – clean all their glass cabinets
Commercial & Residential Cleaning Companies
Commercial & Residential Window Companies
Hospitals for cleaning and sanitizing
Mechanic, Auto Body Shops & Heavy Industrial Work Environments
Food Processing Plants and much more!

Why use X-TRECO for cleaning within your organization? 

You have the opportunity to set an example for the rest of society and show that you are concerned about the environment by reducing the use of chemicals and paper towels.
Maintaining a toxic free environment will enhance learning and cohesiveness.

Why is X-TRECO a good giveaway for businesses? 

Businesses will benefit in the following ways:

Imprinting business name on the inserts will produce further advertising
Associate themselves with a proven product
Create return clients due to satisfaction of product use


How much is each X-TRECO? 

1- 45 X-TRECO @ $5.00     $0.15 per insert personalization

46-60 X-TRECO @ $4.00    $0.15 per insert personalization

61-70 X-TRECO @ $3.50    $0.15 per insert personalization

81-99 X-TRECO @ $3.00    $0.15 per insert personalization

100+ X-TRECO @ $2.50      FREE insert personalization

Shipping/handling and GST/HST are extra. 

To place your X-TRECO order, click here.

Once I order, how long will it take for X-TRECO to arrive? 

All orders are dispatched within 48 business hours of receipt. To determine the shipping time on your order: add 4 business days to your order date and then reference the Estimated Shipping Times chart to establish the arrival time.

Questions? Contact us or track your X-TRECO package by going to www.canadapost.ca.

Can I put extra characters on my insert? 

Sure! We can always make room for a few more letters; however, the text in the box will be a bit smaller. If our online ordering system is rejecting your extra characters, use the additional information / comments box to enter in any extra text you would like printed on your X-TRECO insert.

X-TRECO is leaving streaks? What can I do? 

Make sure X-TRECO is rinsed properly and resume use
X-TRECO may be too moist. When using X-TRECO, wring it out WELL…it should only feel lightly damp
If it still leaves streaks, maybe it is time to wash X-TRECO. Remember, wash X-TRECO with lint-free fabrics and air dry.