X-TRECO is NEW to the Canadian market, made in North America and manufactured with advanced patented technology. Run your mouse over the words surrounding the image to find out more about X-TRECO and why it is your #1 choice for cleaning!

Simple to Use Packaged by those with special needs Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Useful Durable 100% Natural Washable Multi-Use Capablility

They put the attention and dedication into folding each X-TRECO and placing them inside the bag.
X-TRECO is long-lasting which helps reduce the impact of waste on our environment. In X-TRECO, there is no binder, no solvent. Skin contact irritations are prevented. You can also rid of or reduce the use of any cleaning chemicals or paper towels you may have in your house or workplace...X-TRECO will do it all!
X-TRECO is very strong and isotropic, meaning properties are similar in any direction. Good mechanical characteristics result in a fabric that will not lose its shape or uniformity, even after heavy use or multiple wash cycles.
In wiping applications, X-TRECO performance is outstanding on dirt, dust, liquids, grease and inks…in household cleaning or demanding industrial environments. X-TRECO apparatus are up to 100 times thinner than a human hair, and 5 to 10 times thinner than some other microfiber. The x-tremely thin make-up of the cloth is the most efficient at trapping dirt, dust and other kinds of contaminants.
X-TRECO itself can be washed many times in temperatures up to 95 degrees Celsius. Lifespan of X-TRECO should be at least 1 year under normal use.
X-TRECO is 100% natural, contains no dyes and does not emit toxins or chemicals. It also leaves surfaces perfectly lint-free, making it an ideal material to be in contact with sensitive surfaces.
X-TRECO is ideal for durable and demanding applications due to its unique structure. Unlike staple fiber cloths, The X-TRECO-Friendly Cloth ensures strength and dimensional stability.
Use X-TRECO anywhere in the house / car. Great on sensitive surfaces (glass, windows & mirrors). No stain, no fiber release! It even cleans and shines your diamond ring!
When X-TRECO becomes inactive, you can throw it in the garbage knowing it will go into the ground with the environment in mind!