I love this cloth more than any other microfiber I own! Does my windows in one step!"
D. Reimer
Winnipeg, MB
     It works great to clean whiteboards without having to use the stinky spray that I usually have to resort to in order to get stubborn marks off. I also gave one to my sister and she wants to buy another 6 cloths; that’s how much she loves hers!"
B. Lotscher
Winnipeg, MB
     This family organizer is the best I've seen yet!! From a calendar page, to a chore chart page, to a contact/babysitter's page...you have thought of it all! I love knowing my life is an organized one :)"
Kaylie L.
Winnipeg, MB
     I have used X-TRECO and have given them to my mom, mother-in-law, and friend. Everyone thinks they are amazing. NO STREAKS! Yeah, who doesn’t love that. They launder very well and no windex or other chemical needed, just water. My mother-in-law wants 4 more and so do I! Love it!"
Kathleen D.
Winnipeg, MB
     Thanks you so much. Love those X-TRECO!"

Elimira, Ontario
     Thanks for the Great Service and Great Product (X-TRECO)"

     You were so right, these cloths are starting to sell like hotcakes! I'd like to order 200 more X-TRECO. The sooner we get the them the better. If we could order them to come to you, as the school will be closed, I'll pick them up from you or your office over the March break (next week!). Thanks again, soooo much for your help!!!"
Michelle K.
Grade 5/6 Teacher
Guelph, ON.
     Our X-TRECO fundraiser went awesome!! We sold the cloths within 1 week, and we are thinking about getting some more...we'll let you know. Also, thanks for getting them to us so quickly!"
Angelika M.
PAC Member
Chase, BC
     My son's school is selling X-TRECO as a fundraiser and they are amazing! You just use warm water on them and they are incredible on windows/mirrors and stainless steel appliances. The funds raised are going towards a playground for the school. X-TRECO has already raised over $3000. "
Lori M.
PAC Member
Oakville, Ontario
     We are a repeat customer and love selling X-TRECO. It is not a tough sell when we believe in the product!"
Rhonda B.
Parent Volunteer
Fort McMurray, AB