I have been using X-TRECO for a couple of years now and I am extremely satisfied with it! It does not leave steaks on windows, mirrors or granite unless of course when it gets dirty...then I know it is time to wash it. I use it all the time for those purposes."
Annette H.
Peace River, AB
     We are saving money which is unbelievable...no more chemicals...we are just using X-TRECO!"
Kevin R.
School Division Purchaser
     I can't believe how shiny it can get the stainless steel in my house!"
Diana G.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
     X-TRECO is such an amazing product! I clean everything in my house with it!"
Kaylie L.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
     I received X-TRECO from a friend who purchased them from a school fundraiser. At first when I read the information about the product, I admit I was very skeptical. After the first use I was sold on X-TRECO! I can only say they are fantastic and I love them! How can I get some more?"
Vicki U.
, .
     X-TRECO really does sell itself!"
Myrna E.
PAC Member
Central Butte, Saskatchewan
     In the past I've used many product like this but X-TRECO is absolutely unbelievable!"
Vicki L.
Edmonton, Alberta
     The X-TRECO cloths are all gone! We had 80 extra to start and we are already needing more. Please send us another order of 200 X-TRECO (plus 10 free). I anticipate having no trouble selling these and we will hopefully need more in the near future!"
Mark W.
Director of Events
St. Johns, Newfoundland
     All my friends love X-TRECO and as a fundraiser they are wonderful. Can I order another 200? Thank you!"
Joan G.
Tofino, British Columbia
     Thank you for the change of invoice. I never thought that when coming time to pay the bill would be paid by the PAC (that is how fast they sold)! We would like to order another 100 X-TRECO. They are selling really quickly. I've had people buy one because it's a fundraiser and come back and say, "WOW, they really work, can I have 4 more?" I will be ordering more after these 100 again at the end of August."
Cindy G.
PAC Member
Lac La Hache, British Columbia