Thank you so much! My school team is overjoyed to have won 100 free X-TRECO! We plan to sell them to support our campaign to install solar panels on our school roof."
Alanna H.
Student Leader
Swift Current, Saskatchewan
     Advise people to order 50% more than they anticipate... they'll sell!"
Julia H.
Parents Advisory Committee
Surrey, British Columbia
     My house has several walls that are covered in mirrors (not my choice). I've lived here for 11 years and the mirrors have NEVER been truly clean. They are now!! I LOVE X-TRECO!!"
Elizabeth I.
Edmonton, Alberta
     This is the most versatile piece of fabric I have ever come across. It cleans everything streak free and all you have to do is wet it, wring it out and wipe. It's unbelievable!! It removes doggie nose prints from patio doors, finger prints from all windows, with just one wipe and you don't even have to work hard at it. Black greasy stove tops, no problem, streak free along with all of the stainless steel appliances and the granite counter tops. It leaves dark hard wood floors with an even shine, and no chemical cleaners are necessary for the mirrors in the bathrooms or any type of glass. X-TRECO is brilliant!"
Effie G.
School Council Member
Oakville, Ontario
     Our parent council would like to order another 300 X-TRECO. The first X-TRECO order we received was such a BIG hit, that we're already getting requests for more!"
Delora D.
PAC Member
Wetaskiwin, Alberta
     We have had a tremendous response to X-TRECO. I was wondering if I could order another 200 X-TRECO?"
Jerry J.
Carmanville, Newfoundland